Worldtop Marine (Group) Limited (formerly called ¡§Worldtop Shipping Enterprises Ltd.¡¨) was established in 1998, specialized in the multi-mode logistic service of sea, land, air and railway transportation. Since its establishment, Worldtop has focused on the mainstream and promoted omni-directional series transportation service mode, having established successively long-term stable cooperative relationship with those main steel plants, trading firms and large shipping companies in Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia and Taiwan. Its annual handling of steel, wood and other cargo has reached over 1 million tons, with containers up to 60000 TEU.

Up to mow, Worldtop has 18 various transport ships ranging between 500 and 3000t, more than 100 special 30t trailer trucks for large rolling steel and container, over 10 heavy low trucks and cranes of various loading capacities and for oversized cargos. Meanwhile, it has a group of professional logistic management personnel, keeping close cooperative relationship with those relevant cargo harbors. With the business development, Worldtop has set up branch companies and offices in such places as Shenzhen , Dongguan, Guangzhou and Shanghai to further expand the company¡¦s service network, establish omni-directional logistic distribution chain. With the logistic distribution service philosophy of ¡§convenient, safe and fast¡¨ and making use of the advanced logistic network information, it provides the relevant professional logistic distribution services for customers, such as sea/land combined transportation, ship loading /unloading, ship agency, jetty warehousing, customs declaration and inspection applications.

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